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Teach the world about STOCK MARKET INVESTING
by spitting a HOT 16 explaining a key investment topic.

Stacks for Bars

Top 3 verses win real cash prizes.

+ 3 months Invstr Premium to all successful applicants!


Submit Your Rap

 Closing date for applications:  6 Sept 2019 23:59 ET 

1. Write a 16 bar verse, in English, about an investing topic from the list below

2. Film yourself performing your rap

3. Complete the application form and upload your video

♥ Voting on @stockmarkettracks

11-30 Sept 2019 23:59 ET 

All videos that pass review are uploaded to our Instagram account @stockmarkettracks and are open to the people’s vote.

Get the most likes on @stockmarkettracks, win the prize! So spread the word about your submission 📢

Entries Review

We review all entries to make sure they meet the competition criteria. To be eligible for entry, you must be 18+, and your 16 bars verse must:

1. Be on topic
2. Use clean language
3. Min video quality HD 1080x1080

Read full terms here

Winning entries will be announced on:

01 Oct 2019 

Pick Up the Mic

And drop 16 bars of knowledge about one of these investment topics.

1. Stocks, Shares, and Sectors

2. Ticker Symbols

3. Blue-Chip

4. Bulls, Bears, and Buying the Dips

5. Commodities

6. Cryptocurrency

7. Diversification


9. Going Long/Short

10. HODL, FOMO, and FUD

11. Stock Indexes

12. Initial Public Offering (IPO)

13. Market Capitalization

14. Investment vs Saving

15. NYSE / Wall Street

16. Volume & Volatility

Need Inspiration?



Here are some examples of rap songs for these topics…


The Story Behind
Stock Market Tracks



Wu-Tang weren’t playing when they said “Cash, Rules, Everything, Around, Me.”


But what happens when you get the money (dollar dollar bill, y’all)? Not enough of you are investing it. Only 23 percent of Americans aged 18 to 37 think the stock market is the best place for money they won’t need for 10 years or more.


That fact is the inspiration for Stock Market Tracks, a collaboration between NYC-based youth organization STEAM16 and Invstr, the leading investment education app.


We want to get young people learning and talking about investing and the stock market by scribbling lyrics and spitting rhymes. The competition is about financial literacy and freedom of expression. Education through entertainment. Grab your phone and show us you’ve got the lyrical chops and the thirst for knowledge to snatch that prize.



Who are
STEAM16 & Invstr?



STEAM16 focuses on making Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math fun and accessible through the 16 bars of a rap verse.

Invstr helps young people get to grips with the world of investing through their award-winning app. Users can play Fantasy FinanceTM and learn about investing in a risk-free environment.